Frequently Asked Questions

At Delaware Valley Box and Lumber Company, when it comes to helping you protect and ship your product, many questions may come to mind. Click on the questions below to read answers to questions we are asked about most often.
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1. Do you have stock size crates or boxes?
No, Delaware Valley Box and Lumber manufacturer's custom size wood boxes, plywood boxes, wood bases and corrugated cartons. On occasion we may have an overrun carton that will meet your requirements.
2. How small of a quantity can I order?
On the wood side of our business you can order as few as 1 box, crate or skid. On the corrugated side of our business a small order would have to trim out of sheets on hand. Please give us a call with your sizes and we will work with you to get your minimum quantity.
3. I won't know the final size of my product until the project is complete. How can I insure you can meet my required ship date?
Delaware Valley Box can work with you to set a realistic schedule for manufacturing your final packaging product. In many cases we can offer delivery in under one week. If the final size can be determined in advance, we can put you in our schedule even before your project is completed. We will be working for you to match your required ship date.
4. How do I measure my product and make sure we are on the same page when dimensions are given?
You can measure the length, width and height of your product in that order. Together we can add additional room for dunnage and protection. Please have the shipping weight, the mode of transportation and destination ready at the same time. For large wood crates or boxes, please let us know if you want the shipping product delivered set up or knocked down.
5. Do I need formal drawings or sketches to get a price quotation?
You do not need a formal drawing or sketches to get a price. If your product is detailed in nature or you do not feel comfortable with providing that information on of our representatives will be happy to make an appointment to work with you at your location.
6. Do you offer additional protection for my product besides the exterior container?
We offer various types of foam and wraps for protecting your product including anti-static materials. Shock absorbing skids and floating decks are available on our wood products for sensitive items.
7. How long do I have to wait for a price quotation?
In most cases we can offer same day price quotations. If additional fabricated materials are required, we can have your prices within 24 hours of the final design.
8. Can I have a sample made after you quote but prior to production?
Yes, Delaware Valley Box produces samples of new packaging items, in most cases the cost of producing the samples can be credited against the final order.